Consorzio di Tutela del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Consorzio di Tutela
del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Casoni, one of the oldest distilleries and liqueur factories in Italy, has handed down its know-how from generation to generation

preserving an innate passion for the production of liqueurs and distillates and the love for their land. In fact, Casoni has always been in Finale Emilia, Modena, the town that has seen this reality grow in over 200 years of history.


The Casoni family, over the years, has been able to transform the artisanal and local company into a leading company in the market for the production of liqueurs and spirits, in Italy and in the world.

Casoni liqueurs and distillates are born from the best raw materials and from the continuous search for new components. This is how the company manages to guarantee the uniqueness and typicality of the over 100 infusions it produces for more than 450 different references. Important numbers, to which must be added the use of specific machinery for the production of liqueurs and a great ability to work different formats, today more than 60, with timing in line with market needs.

A "know-how" cultivated over more than 200 years of experience in the production of historic Italian liqueurs typical of the land where Casoni grew up, such as, for example, the famous Anicione.


Casoni Fabbricazione Liquori S.p.A.
via Venezia n. 5/a, 41034 - Finale Emilia (Modena) - Italia.
ph. 0535-760811 - Fax 0535-760876
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