Consorzio di Tutela del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Consorzio di Tutela
del Limone di Sorrento IGP

Limoncetta di Sorrento - Lucano

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Manufacturer: Lucano
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Limoncetta di Sorrento became part of the Lucano portfolio in 2015, a 100% natural product, made in the sunlight!
Limoncetta di Sorrento was born in the enchanting Sorrento peninsula, from the peel of the finest Sorrento lemons. It is produced with an infusion of Sorrento I.G.P. lemon peel, whose quality and origin standards are carefully controlled and promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Sorrento Lemon I.G.P. A 100% natural liqueur, without colorings or preservatives, made following the traditional infusion recipe.
Sorrento lemons are harvested between January and March and ripen slowly day after day and protected by pagiarelle. The peels are then cleaned of the white part in order to eliminate the bitter aftertaste and the peel is vacuum frozen at -20 degrees. The peels are then left to macerate in alcohol for seven days and finally water, alcohol and sugar are added. In a bottle there are 300 grams per liter of Lemon of Sorrento PGI, 20% more than required by the Consortium.
The result is a lemon infusion with a unique taste and an unmistakable origin.