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Consorzio di Tutela
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The Solagri Cooperative was born in 1994 thanks to the initiative and attachment to his land of Mariano Valentino Vinaccia, a young farmer and former long-time captain, determined to save the Sorrento lemon from extinction.

He wants to relaunch its cultivation, made uneconomical for decades by the absence of suitable marketing strategies and adequate valorisation policies.

Today the Co. Solagri is made up of over 300 farms and Mariano Valentino Vinaccia is its President.

Since 2000, thanks to the commitment of Solagri, the "Oval Lemon of Sorrento" has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) from the European Community, i.e. the "Oval Lemon" is only the one produced in the Sorrento Peninsula and on the Isle of Capri.
Solagri selects and packages the lemons with infinite care and distributes them on national and foreign markets that are more attentive to quality.

Extremely high product quality and Solagri's ability to bring it to consumers' tables while maintaining its freshness, goodness, aroma, perfume and flavour; these are the musts of a cooperative that puts the valorisation of the territory and its products in the foreground among its objectives. Enjoying a Solagri jam or a slice of bread with a drizzle of our oil means rediscovering, and for many trying for the first time, ancient, simple flavours. The Cooperative's products are for everyone, and for all tastes, and even those who are not gourmet experts recognize them immediately. Healthy and genuine products suitable for everyone!

Solagri is able to produce about 23,000 quintals of lemons, 200 quintals of oil and 100,000 quintals of jams every year.
Solagri distributes the oval lemons of Sorrento mainly on the markets of Northern Italy.
DOP oil, condiments and jams, on the other hand, have a different distribution circuit: we directly supply restaurants, hotels, shops with high quality typical products both in Italy and in the rest of the world: our best customers are located in the United States of America. America, France and Japan.
The oval lemon of Sorrento IGP, an extraordinary fruit, is today produced almost exclusively by companies associated with Solagri. So we can say that there is no Sorrento IGP oval lemon that is not Solagri.
As for the jams, they are completely free of dyes and preservatives and are prepared using over 85% freshly picked fruit.
Finally, the oils are DOP certified.
Purchasing a Solagri product means, therefore, first of all, purchasing a product of certified quality and above all not chemically treated.

The Solagri Cooperative markets the "Oval Lemon" of Protected Geographical Indication recognized by the European Community, produced in the associated farms present in the Sorrento area, the Sorrento Peninsula and the island of Capri.

Solagri works to restore the traditional cultivation techniques of the Sorrentine gardens, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to restore biological balance to the plants. In this way this fruit of fundamental importance in the diet, and of irreplaceable taste, is re-evaluated.

In addition to the lemon, Solagri also works to enhance the ancient cultivation of Sorrento oranges, another extraordinary fruit, known and appreciated on world markets for over two centuries. Solagri is also aware that its commitment not only instills vigor in the agricultural sector, but also induces an important contribution to the tourism sector.

First of all because the products, typical and of certified quality, reinforce an image of excellence of Sorrento and the entire Sorrento Peninsula, in Italy and abroad, then because the Solagri members, by cultivating the lands of their farms, are real guardians of the landscape. Of that same landscape for which Sorrento is famous all over the world.

Solagri and the protection of the Sorrento IGP lemon
Solagri intends to continue to enhance the production area of the "Sorrento lemon" with all possible systems. In fact, he believes that an active and productive safeguard, respectful of ancient cultivation techniques, guarantees the protection of the agricultural and natural landscape. The protection of the territory was one of the objectives of the birth of Solagri.

Finally, it is undeniable that a large part of the tourist attraction of the Sorrento Peninsula and the island of Capri is based on the care of the agricultural and natural landscape, just as the contribution and stimulus that the recovery of typical original products and of the highest quality it supplies to gastronomy and therefore to catering.

Solagri's flagship product is the "IGP Sorrento Oval Lemon".
The taste of lemon is very ancient and common to many populations of the world. The uses that are made of this fruit are infinite, from fish seasoned with lemon to vegetables, fruit salads, rice, or the use that is made of it in pastry shops and ice cream parlors. The oval lemons of Sorrento are particularly aromatic and perfumed and therefore embellish every dish, enhancing its taste. Lemon cultivation in the Sorrento Peninsula has a thousand-year history. Here a cultivar has spread which takes its name from the area: the "femminello comune ovale di Sorrento", a citrine yellow lemon with a medium-thick skin, rich in essential oils and with a strong and intense aroma and scent, generous in juice.


Condiment based on extra virgin olive oil and "Sorrento IGP Lemon"
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