Consorzio di Tutela del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Consorzio di Tutela
del Limone di Sorrento IGP


The history of Italcoral boasts ancient origins and noble traditions, such as those of the founder Franzo Caruso

who back in 1951 decided to give life to his ideals by opening a small laboratory for the production of fruit syrups, liqueurs and infusions in Rome. The wise use of medicinal plants, fruits and roots carefully selected and preserved after years of targeted studies, made each product exclusive, precious with unmistakable peculiarities. At his side, his adored wife Elvira, played an essential role in the realization of such ambitions, supporting Franzo and his pioneering spirit day after day.
In the 70s, to seal their eternal promise, their son Corrado, endowed with great initiative and strong entrepreneurial skills, decided to expand his father's dream and, combining the experience acquired over the years with the most advanced production technologies, gave life to the current factory in the green hills of Castelli Romani. From healthy and reputable principles, Corrado managed to give the company a solid presence on the national market, establishing himself in the GD-DO-HO.RE.CA. A presence that over the years has been enhanced by an indispensable international configuration, which today makes it a unique reality, defined by deep roots and forward-looking projects.
Currently at the helm of the company, there is the third and fourth generation, heirs of a complex but at the same time solid role, made up of well-rooted traditions and future projections.

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