Consorzio di Tutela del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Consorzio di Tutela
del Limone di Sorrento IGP


In 1935 the farmer Antonino Pollio took over the land that the friars cultivated for the production of wine, oil, rosòlio and which they had then abandoned.

A land that he particularly cared about, a land where he had worked for years and had been able to learn all the cultivation techniques.

The tradition continued with father Antonino who in 1972 finished third in the national competition "Fight against cochineal", a parasitic insect that feeds on the sap of citrus trees. Since then the Pollio family has made this land reborn and flourish with the main agricultural activity: lemon production for the limoncello of the Sorrento Peninsula.


The deep faith of the Pollio family has created a sincere bond with the clerical world to the point that the first fruits of the harvest were donated out of devotion to the Prior of the Convent. San Francesco, for the Pollio family, has always been a spiritual guide so much so that Uncle Peppino, the eldest of the brothers, used to stamp the image of San Francesco on the barrels for the production of wine, as a good omen. Sharing the Pollio house has made all the members of the family very united and this bond has led them to hand down, from generation to generation, the respect for nature and the passion for cultivation.


The company is now run by Peppe Pollio, the only male heir; at the age of 15, after finishing school, he was already in the countryside helping his father. He became a direct farmer starting his great passion for nature and agriculture. In the 1990s he decided to diversify the company system by starting to bottle the wine first and then the oil, thus increasing the total production. In 1995 he decided to transform lemon into limoncello, a choice that met with immediate success.

Love and respect for nature has led the Pollio family to manage the Annunziata fund, a fund which in 2014 started the new organic farming project: aimed at the production of organic oil and limoncello, it pays particular attention to quality and to the care of the land in order to preserve the maximum authenticity of its products.


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