Consorzio di Tutela del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Consorzio di Tutela
del Limone di Sorrento IGP


Correale Distillerie was founded in 1998. Its purpose is to spread products on a large scale that preserve the flavors and aromas of our land

Sorrento, announcing its originality based on the importance of our craftsmanship which we jealously preserve. This craftsmanship has developed thanks to the twenty-year experience of its owner, Carmine D'Aniello, in the catering field.

Our business has solid family foundations and the work of production, bottling and packaging is lovingly carried out up to the diffusion throughout the national and international territory.
Our product par excellence is limoncello, made with lemons grown without the use of pesticides and protected by the famous Sorrento pergolas, in our garden, located on the
hills of Casarlano in Sorrento. Taken to the laboratory in special baskets, the lemons are then selected, washed, peeled and finally immersed in tanks full of top quality alcohol and matured under our Mediterranean sun which gives an original flavor to them.
In the Sorrento peninsula, thanks to the mild climate all year round, our lemon has particular characteristics (it is richer in essential oils) and it is in these areas that it is harvested all year round.
The tuffaceous rock enriches it with iodine and mineral salts. In this way, our limoncello is born, followed scrupulously during all stages of production up to bottling, labeling and packaging.


Indirizzo: Via Baranica, 12
80067 Sorrento (Na) - Italia
+39 081.8073203